Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cycle 1 Day 11

I know some people have a problem getting in the required amount of water. That is not a problem with me. What I am having a problem with is not have my McD's S/F Vanilla Ice Coffee (my crack habit) I think that is what caused my severe headaches I suffered from the first week. I decided I would have one a week...and just a medium size.  I used to get at least one large a day. I am not only saving calories but money!

For supper Mike made boneless skinless flatten chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, onions and FF cheese. He used our new Nuwave oven...don't they look yummy? 
He served it with broccoli sprinkled with olive oil ...and the stuffed chicken breast topped with some marinara sauce. It was so good...3 forks up.  The Nuwave oven really does keep the meat nice and tender and juicy. 
Breakfast: I had a yogurt with mixed berries for breakfast along with green tea supplement. 

Lunch:  Spinach salad with turkey (from last nights dinner) and lets not forget the water.

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