Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cycle 1 Day 10

I was not going to blog about this diet...because frankly I have done it before..been there done that. I always start with good intentions and tons of enthusiasm. The pounds start to come off...I post pictures of my food choices and progress. Then when I get sick of either counting points, carbs, calories, fat, sugars...I put the weight back on and with that weight the blog falls to the wayside. I started this new diet call "The 17 Day Diet" on Feb 14...yup..Valentines Day. My hubby (Mike) and I decided to do this together. I ordered the book (read what was involved in the first of what are 4 cycles)

We cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer.  Went grocery shopping and purchased the items we needed to get started. We have been on the diet 10 days and both have enjoyed a weight loss.  Mike lost 9.5 lbs and myself 8 lbs.

I guess I should give you some history...I am 53 and in the middle of menopause and have gained weight around my middle and I HATE IT. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my jeans. I hate looking in my closest and thinking...what will fit me and not make me so hot...because frankly the hot flashes are driving me crazy. I am hoping that changing my habits to healthy ones will improve not only my waistline, but get these hot flashes under control.

Mike just turned 60...he is officially a senior. did that happen? He has high blood pressure which is controlled with meds  As with me...he has gained weight over the years, but of course not for the  same reasons..LOL

I decided to blog about this diet...because I feel like this could be the one. One that will that we can live that will be easy to stay on with we that can teach us the lifestyle changes that will ensure us a happy and healthy retirement years. I am going to post pictures of our meals..I guess it is my way of keeping a journal. I am going to try different recipes and I will rate with a "fork" up or down.  I will only give my starting weight once I reach my goal weight. I am not going to focus on that right's to soon. Right's all about sticking to these new changes and how it is going to impact our life for the positive. So here we go.....Tonights challenge was to make my own dressing. Because frankly the FF dressing are lacking in flavor. I started with my required friendly fat -olive oil...added some white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and a spinkle of Splenda and gave it a little whisk.I wish I would have had some poppy seeds to add to it..(note to self..add it to the shopping list) My salad consisted of Spinach-Turkey- Tomatoes-FF Cheese- Mandarin Oranges-Red Peppers-Mushrooms. One taste and I was hooked. I will be whisking my own dressings from now on. I know what is it...and more importantly  what is NOT in it. I look at the labels and I don't know what most of the things listed are much less pronounce them.

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