Friday, March 4, 2011

Cycle 2 Day 2

I went shopping this morning when I got out of work for all the ingredents for the power cookies. I hope to make them this weekend. I am picking up some I will play it by ear.

I made a 2 egg omelet when I got home with spinach-red pepper and mushrooms in it. Topped off with some salsa.

A mixed green salad with yellow cherry tomatoes-red peppers-Reduced Fat cheese (sorry can't do FF) cucumber-mushroom- chicken. I made a new dressing. Olive Oil-Red Wine Vinegar-Dijon Mustard and some poppyseeds.

Packed a small salad for work. Also my required fruit and yogurt. And of course my green tea. It is becoming a habit to just have green tea with my meals now. That's a good thing.

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