Monday, March 7, 2011

Cycle 2 Day 5

Started my day off with a little oatmeal with a little peache added to it. Had the rest of the peach on the side. I also had peach green tea...gotta say...I plan on having a peachy kind of Charlie Sheen would say...WINNING!!!!
I am on second shift this week...and this Cycle will really require some planning. I am used to having left overs from the night before for work. But that will not work with the C1 C2 back and forth. To solve that problem I saved a meal from Sat night...(the stir fry with rice to start my week) So if hubby makes something every night I will always have a meal waiting for me. 

Lunch: Apple with Dr Mike's Power Cookie

I am having the stir fry with rice and cottage cheese.

Snack: Yogurt

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