Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cycle 1 Day 14

C1D 14 I am down 10 lbs and hubby is down 15. I actually like getting on the scale. Did I just say that? Maybe by summer I can say I actually like trying on swimsuits. A girl can dream right? I can honestly say the only time I find myself hungry is if I stay up late at stomach lets me know it wants something. I just watched a video on YouTube from Dr. Mike, saying this is the time to eat a little protein. So I will try that or just go to bed earlier.
Breakfast: I decided to make a omelet with my new pan I purchased at Bed Bath & Behind. It really does a good job and easy clean up. I made two for work tonight...I am a shift worker and I start nights this week. I hope my weight loss continues..its hard to eat at a scheduled time when you days and nights are opposite. Don't you just love the little egg on the pan...puts a smile on my face when I use it...what a better way to start the day!
Breakfast: Omelet-tomato-onions-red pepper-mushroom-spinach topped off with salsa, yogurt and green tea
Snack: Red Grapes  
Lunch: I was craving a sandwich. So I used a big romaine lettuce as my bread..added some turkey and tomoates and FF 1000 Island Dressing (that was all I had)  I folded it like taco shell and ENJOYED...I did not even miss the bread. I also cut up a peach...Yum Yum! I also tried my green tea iced...and I gotta say...I like it even better...of course I still had to add the Truvia
Dinner: We tried the riced cauliflower pizza...It needs a little work...I need to use a pizza pan or a stone and to make the crust thicker. Other then tasted GREAT..I could not even tell that it was a cauliflower crust. I felt guilty eating it.

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