Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cycle 2 Day 10

Today I will be shopping all day. I am going to go prepared so I am not tempted to stop and grab some fast food. I eat breakfast and green tea. Packed some grapes and a orange along with some yogurt.

Breakfast: Grapes, Mike's Power Cookie, Yogurt and Green Tea

Lunch: The rest of the grapes from breakfast an orange and another yogurt

Mike and I decided to go out to eat. This is the first time eating out...that alone is a real achievement, because we used to eat out a LOT! We had a gift card for Applebee's and decided we would give it a try. We both had a cup of soup. I got 1/2 a spinach shrimp salad and he got a chicken salad with fruit. I am sure that the dressing was not 17 Day Diet approved...but we did the best we could. I left feeling satisfied  and not over stuffed. We are learning...we don't have to pig out to make it feel like a treat.

Dinner: 1/2 Spinach Salad with shrimp and a cup of tomato basil soup.(I took the cheese off of my soup)

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