Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cycle 2 Day 1

Well, we made it. The first 17 days are history. I am down 12 lbs and Mike 16.5 lbs. I know the next 17 days the weight will not come off as fast as it did in the first cycle. But I am so looking forward to the new items that we can add back in for cycle 2. I am going to focus my attention to portion control and not the scale in this cycle.

On my way home from working the night shift I stopped at McD's and picked up some oatmeal. OMG...oatmeal never tasted so good. YUM YUM...I didn't add all the raisins, because I was not sure about them. I did add all the apples. When I got done...I was so satisfied.

We had our first potato..we topped it off with out cottage cheese, chicken made in the Nuwave Oven with a little BBQ sauce on it. Brussel Sprouts and of course my green tea!!

I am going to take strawberries and a yogurt for my first break at work and then a orange.

Feeling great...and I actually have energy..and that is saying a lot when I am working nights this week. I actually had to move my belt over one hole because my pants felt lose!! Can I get a Amen Sister???

Cycle 2 Menu

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